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For more than 40 years, we have been national and international carriers for our customers. Our experience can be your advantage. All our trucks have low-noise and low-pollutant engines, radio telephones and some have hazardous-goods fittings.

We can offer the following EQUIPMENT of our own:

JUMBO tainer

Our JUMBO interchangeable platforms are a real miracle of adaptability. The benfits of a large JUMBO vehicle and an interchangeable platform are united here to produce an optimum solution:

116 cbm with up to 23 t loading capacity
38 EUR pallet spaces and headroom of up to 3.00 m, also ramp height and stacker accesibility.
On request, we can also provide these interchangeable platforms in the form of stell cases or suitable for crane loading.



Horizontal unloading, clean and fast. No problem with our Walking-Floor vehicles.
BDF trucks


Our BDF trucks can carry both 7.15 m and 7.45 m platforms. We already use them for prestigious shippers and KEP services.
Day by day - absolutely reliable!


Covered trucks

13.6 m articulated vehicles / 34 EUR pallets / 25 t loading capacity convey your goods gently through Germany and Europe, thanks to air suspension.
Cooling trucks


Cool and fresh-goods transportation at all temperature ranges. Food and plant transportation with return of emtpy containers, national and international.
Tank trucks

We transport petrol/diesel/heating oil/heavy oil/bitumen and lots of other liquids cleanly and safety.
Bulk trucks

Tipping bulk containers for pulverulent goods, particularly for foods.
Trucking We truck 20" or 40" containers.
Express Special deliveries by car and truck, quick - direct - including weekends.



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